Lake of Melo (Corsica)

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Go on the trails of the Corsican mountains towards Lake Melo and you are sure to spend a beautiful day.

A magnificent setting, quiet, perched in the heights of the valley, far from the stress of the city, but what more could you ask for. Just like the Lake of Capitello, the Lake of Melo is one of the most famous lakes of Corsica, surrounded by cliffs and green meadows, the place is soothing. In fact, it is the ideal time to have a picnic and enjoy the scenery. The atmosphere is pleasant, you feel really good and at peace.

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The transparent water of an emerald green is splendid, you will be able to bathe there but without sun cream in order to respect the ecosystem of the lake. Remember that the Lake of Melo is at 1711 m of altitude, with a depth of 20 m and that this lake is frozen 6 months a year. The water thus remains cold but bearable (depending on the month). But don't worry, in summer, the sun will warm you up, so make sure you have enough protection to avoid sunburn.

The access is by a hiking trail, very well equipped, starting from the Restonica valley (Parking de la bergerie de Grottelle). It is highly recommended to continue the walk up to the Capitello lake. In high season, the lake receives a large number of hikers, so it is advisable to leave early and to be well equipped. If you want to know more about hiking, I invite you to read our article on the Gorges de la Restonica.

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More about Lake Melo

Lake Melo is a tributary of the Tavignano and gives birth to the Restonica River. It is located about ten kilometers from Corte in the upper Restonica valley (Upper Corsica). The site has been classified since 1966 and has been registered since 1978 on the list of great national sites. It is part of the nature reserve of the Monte Rotondo massif.

Type: Lake of glacial origin
Area: 6,5 ha
Elevation: 1,710 m
Depth: 20 m

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