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Canistrelli, of pancakes for the very greedy ones

Published : 2015-09-20 10:31:44
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Canistrelli, of pancakes for the very greedy ones

When one thinks of the Corsica and the diversity of his regional gastronomical specialities, one thinks inevitably of Corsican, elaborate cheeses containing sheep milk or of goat, with the famous Corsican pork-butcheries, like the prisuttu (dry-cured ham), the salamu (smoked sausage), the coppa (spine), the lonzu (net), the salsiccia (spiced sausage) and the famous figatelli (sausage of liver).

The Corsican wines, resulting from noble type of vines that are the sciaccarellu, the niellucciu and the vermentinu, are also emblematic island, just as typical beers aromatized with chestnut or grasses of the Corsican maquis.

But Corsica also conceals many inimitable sweetened flavours, as the Corsican nougat, which can be decorated of honey, almonds, citron, clementine, chestnut or fig; honeies and jams of Corsica are also the witnesses of the wealth of the Corsican flora. But each Corsican house always preserves, for all the greedy ones or the friends of passage, a box of canistrelli, the Corsican biscuits that each one shares since childhood.

These canistrelli, single dry biscuits sometimes with the chestnut flour, can be natural or aromatized with lemon, anise, almonds or the white wine, or decorated chocolate chips. These dry biscuits can be crunched on any occasion, with the breakfast, tasting, or at the end of the meals, soaked in the tea, the coffee or even glass of alcohol.

Traditionally resulting from the Corsican areas in which one cultivated almonds, the canistrelli hold their delicious crunching of a single manufactoring process; indeed, they are cooked for the first time in the form of lengthened breads, and they are then clear-cut in small biscuits Corsican to undergo the one second cooking. It is this additional stage which confers on the canistrelli their single consistency and their crunchy biscuit.

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