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Souvenirs de Corse

Memories of Corsica plush toys, key rings, mug, ashtray, lighter, pottery, doll, soap.

!-- Les souvenirs - Que rapporter de la Corse ? Vous avez la nostalgie de vos vacances, un petit souvenir vous aidera a patienter (albums photos, couteaux corses, liège, peluches,porte clés, poterie, poupée, savon).--

You have the nostalgia of your holida...

Souvenirs de Corse

Memories of Corsica plush toys, key rings, mug, ashtray, lighter, pottery, doll, soap.

You have the nostalgia of your holiday, a small souvenir will help you to wait (photo albums, Corsican knives, cork, stuffed animals, key rings, pottery, doll, soap)!

A warm memory of Corsica at home


You are Corsican, or simply a lover of Corsica, and you want to have with you or at home objects that you recall the island of beauty. You don't have to go back to Bastia or Ajaccio to choose the memories of Corsica that will accompany you throughout the year, because thanks to the internet you can choose in peace, at home, the memory that suits you.

The memories of Corsica there are all kinds of practical, playful or decorative objects; every lover of Corsica corresponds to an ideal object. Would you like to carry with you, every day, at work or during your leisure time, an object that reminds you of your favorite island and will make you wait until the next holiday? Why not opt for a bag hanger, a key ring or a watch bearing the famous head of Moor, symbol of the island? A pen, a belt will follow you everywhere, while stationery sets, a mouse pad, a coffee cup will brighten up your everyday life at the office. At home, a Moor's head bust, a map or sunny beach of Corsica, paper towels, crockery or all kinds of decorative objects will remind you of the sweetness of living on the island.

And if you share your passion for the island of beauty with friends, why not offer them memories of Corsica, so that they too have the pleasure of bringing the Corsican sun into their daily lives? Photo albums, Corsican dolls, mugs and pottery for all, or olive oil soaps or candles for ladies, ashtrays and lighters for smokers, and of course fun magnets and adorable stuffed animals and figurines for children... Give Corsica to your loved ones!


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