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Regional products, the Corsicans, the best Corsican products, selected for you !

charcuterie Corse
figatelli, figatellu, sausage, corsica, boar sausage, lonzu, panzetta, exception of prisuttu, coppa, compositions, jams, Canistrelli, honey corsican, cooked dishes, terrines, pâtés, wines, corsican chestnut Flour Corsica, beers Corsican.

Corsican spe...

Regional products, the Corsicans, the best Corsican products, selected for you !

charcuterie Corse
figatelli, figatellu, sausage, corsica, boar sausage, lonzu, panzetta, exception of prisuttu, coppa, compositions, jams, Canistrelli, honey corsican, cooked dishes, terrines, pâtés, wines, corsican chestnut Flour Corsica, beers Corsican.

Corsican specialties at home
Corsica invites you home
The Corse you lack, you feel sorry for its perfumes, its flavors, the unique character of this island in both wild-type and hospital ?

Why don't you offer your home, the softness and the excellence of the tastes of Corsica, inviting them to your table some of the many delicious specialties of the Corsican gastronomic and gourmet ?

In fact, thanks to the online sale of the best corsican products, you can now, whenever the desire seizes you, enjoy delicious meals prepared in Corsica... For the culinary arts and gastronomy in corsica are particularly rich ; you can buy of course the famous deli or the famous corsican cheeses, but the expertise of the craftsmen in corsica goes well beyond.

Among the corsican specialties that you can deliver to your home, are inevitably any of a range of charcuterie corse : figatelli, sausage, lonzu, panzetta, exception of prisuttu, coppa. But there is also the tasty terrines and pates of veal or wild boar, plus the perfumes typical of the island of Corsica, such as chestnuts, figs, myrtles, mushrooms...

This tour of tastes and aromas corsican passes of course by the famous cheeses of goat and sheep, whose quality is made exceptional by media and methods of rearing animals in mountain pastures, healthy, and free of any pollution.

But in your journey to the land of corsican specialities, have you also thought about some of the other flavours of this unique island ? To desserts and other sweets typical sweet of the island of Corsica, as the nougat corsica, chestnuts, figs, or citrus fruits, with subtle blanks corsican to the citron, honey and jam to peach, clementine, fig and pine nuts... Without forgetting the famous specialty of corsica, the canistrelli, delicious biscuits, nature, white wine, almond, or lemon, sweetness to offer on any occasion.


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  • Corsican pork-butchery

    Gastronomy and terroir Corse

    The citadel, excellence in the deli

    A native of Corsica, the visitor is charmed by the island's beauty and future host-eager to discover the wonders of nature and in the maquis, sometimes you'd want to take home with you inimitable saveurs du terroir corse, regional products, of which only the corsican gastronomy has the secret...

    What is more pleasant, in the monotony of an everyday life where the lack of sun is felt, than to open an excellent sheep's milk cheese from corsica, enjoy a piece on a slice of fresh bread, and go in the sun when you close your eyes, smell the herbs of the maquis, the caress of the wind of the mediterranean region ? And that tell of the variety and the excellence of the famous

    Corsican pork-butchery product, corsica authentic

    ? How not to salivate listening to these evocative names of tradition, the tastes of an exceptional richness :

    • figatelli,
    • lonzu,
    • pancetta,
    • coppa,
    • exception of prisuttu...

    Corsica is traditionally a producer of a large number of varieties of sausage, which are suitable for all tastes and in all modes of tasting. Some of the specialties are unique and inimitable, as the figatelli sausages prepared with lean meat and pork liver, but especially the piece with the richest blood, the liver (the word "figatellu" contains the word " fegatu ", meaning liver). The lonzu, meanwhile, is extremely appreciated for its characteristic thin, because it is taken in the net of the pig ; the coppa it is a charcuterie corsica is very close to the lonzu, but differs in its origin (spine). And the fans charcuterie corse will not miss to enjoy the famous exception of prisuttu, ham without bones corsica, which owes its unique flavor to its drying technique and the spices used in the recipe of its preparation, but especially in the quality of pigs in corsica, well-muscled and fed to the chestnuts.

    figatelli, figatellu, sausage, corsica, boar sausage, lonzu, panzetta, exception of prisuttu,coppa

    To guarantee an optimal conservation of all our deli Meats Corsicans are vacuum-packed for transportation

    Corsican pork-butchery traditional manufactured in the heart of the mountain in the center of corsica. On this website, we offer you the genuine deli, Corsican mountain. Of impeccable quality, it is made in the traditional manner in our workshops (accredited by the C. E. E.)

    located in the heart of the Castagniccia The figatelli, sausage (pork or wild boar), coppa, lonzu, with the exception of prisuttu, panzetta are smoked in a fire of chestnut wood in the fucone (smokehouse traditional) continuously for three or four days, and then left to dry for several weeks in our basement airy to get a mature ideal.

  • Corsican beers

    Corsica beers are a speciality of Corsican products. Alcohol abuse is dangerous to health. To consume in moderation.

    The Pietra Brewery

    Armelle and Dominique Sialelli created the first Brasserie Corse in 1996. Beyond having made beer in Corsica, they elaborated "Corsican beer", the first beer in the world stirred with a mixture of chestnut flour and barley malt. What was a successful challenge, after developing new recipes, the beers of the Pietra Brewery are now being exported all over the world.

    Brewery beers

    Symbol of the island of beauty, the Pietra Brewery has seven different beers, all as original as each other. After selections, we present you the most popular:


    Amber beer flavoured with chestnut, intense mousse, dense and creamy, notes of honey and smoked light to the smell. Alc. 6 ° vol.

    Pietra Bionda

    Chestnut flavoured blond beer, creamy mousse, subtle intensity and slight bitterness. Alc. 5.5 ° vol.


    White beer flavoured with maquis herbs (arbousier, Myrtle, Juniper...), persistent Moss, spicy aromas, delicate flavour with fresh citrus notes. Alc. 5 ° vol.


    100% pure malt blond beer, light and airy foam, subtle intensity and refined character. Very thirst-saving. Alc. 5 ° vol.

    The art of tasting

    Like good wine, good beers leave aromas, colors and tastes different.

    But how to taste a Corsican beer?


    1.        The beer must be at temperature, not too hot, not too cold, 6 °c for blondes/whites and 10 °c for Brunettes/amber.
    2.        Choose a beer glass, its shape actually plays a role in the diffusion of aromas.
    3.        Rinse the glass in cold water to prevent bubbles from sticking to the wall impurities.
    4.        Pace e salute!


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  • Canistrelli

    the canistrelli is a speciality of corsan products. To consume in moderation.

    Canistrelli made in Corsica!

    Discover the canistrelli, these delicious corsous biscuits that are found on all the tables! You would appreciate them in a moment of relaxation! At the time of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or dessert, this cookie Crispy will seduce the most greedy. So make yourself happy! ... or please! Choose and send your order to the unique flavors to whoever you want and or you want! That's not great!

    The biscuits of AfA and corseboutique, an institution!

    From a recognized family know-how, the notoriety of this Corsican biscuit is no longer to do, 34 years of experience for your pleasure alone! today presents its wide range of Corsican canistrelli of the AFA biscuit factory: nature, lemon, hazelnut, chocolate chip, almond, aniseed, white wine... and many more!

    new! Find your box of canistrelli in the shape of a Moorish head! Two models available: white and black.

    new! Canistrelli with chestnut flour and walnuts. A mixture of character!
    new! Canistrelli with beer Piètra. Lightness and delicacies!

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  • Corsican cheese


    Médailles Pierucci

    Corsican cheese is a speciality of the corsan products. To consume in moderation.

    The Corsican cheese, a must!

    Discover our Corsican cheeses from the cheese factory Pierucci, these delicious cheeses of corsous goat and Corsican sheep! The flavor of our cheeses comes from the rich and natural food of our mountains, the milk of our goats and our sheep is thus of exceptional quality. Our refining will reveal unique aromas to each cheese (3 to 8 months). In Corsica, gastronomy holds a place of first order.

    FROMAGERIE Pierucci, the Corsican producer!

    Born from a family of corsan shepherds, the Pierucci family has maintained traditional know-how for more than three generations. Today it is a company that has known ally modernity and tradition to provide you with quality products. CorseBoutique presents its range of Corsican cheese from the FROMAGERIE Pierucci: sheep cheese U Pecurinu, goat cheese A Casinca, Tomme Corse with beer Pietra, Tomme U Pecurinu, Tomme of sheep and goat. These are must-haves not to be missed!

    The tasting, a taste of the Maquis!

    You can taste these cheeses on a good country bread and if you have time and envy, why not make bruschetta? Accompanied by fresh vegetables (tomatoes, Zucchini, eggplant, garlic, olive oil...) and COPPA or Lonzu, it is a delight! Believe me, we don't talk about taste but seduction.

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  • Terrine and pâté made...

    Terrine and pâté made in Corsica


    Corsican Terrine, Terrine of Figatelli, Terrine with Myrtle, Terrine of wild boar, Terrine of the brocciu Shepherd and Mint, Terrine of Corsican veal, Terrine of the Maquis with mushrooms, Terrine of wild boar with water of life, Terrine of Figatelli with water of life, Terrine Corsica A chestnut.

    Terrine and pâté made in Corsica

    The secret of our terrines lies in the use of specialties of the terroir: various game, Figatellu, smoked sausage at the base of pork liver, or brocciu, fresh cheese with milk of sheep benefiting from a "appellation of origin controlled". All this is relieved of the most characteristic flavors of the island, those that made Napoleon say: "I would recognise my island with my eyes closed just the smell of the Maquis carried on the waves". For all our terrines, 36% of game is implemented, ensuring a minimum of 30% of the final composition. The richness and nobility of these blends, expertly dosed, make terrines "Charles Antona" a privileged entrance that will put you in appetite. Source: SAS Corsica Gastronomia.

  • The Cooked Dishes...

    Made in Corsica by Corsica Gastronomia.

    Today, anxious to offer you

    the best of the cuisine of corsica

    Charles Antona offers you the new version of the brand to which he gave his name. Made without colouring, preservative or artificial flavours, the brand Charles Antona assure you of a recognised know-how, a legacy of centuries of culinary tradition.

    Our motto : respect the traditions and offer impeccable quality.

    Charles ANTONA


  • Organic products

    Corsican tradition and biological commitment.

    Discover our 4 new terrines and our 6 jams, 100% organic. Terrines cooked according to the respect of natural flavours and jams with more fruit (60%) and less sugars. We have highly selected our raw materials in order to offer you high quality products, exclusively from organic farming. Charles Antona products, without dyes or preservatives and without flavour enhants.

  • Honeys and Jams of...

    The jam tradition ; composed of fruits ripened in the sun of Corsica.

    Do you know The fig jam ? It accompanies wonderfully the cheese.
    There is also the Corsican honey, which has its unique taste in the richness of the flora of Corsica.
    These delicacies will make you drool with pleasure...
    The strawberry tree is part of the species typical of the maquis and the forest of the corsican.
    Even today, its berries are used in preparing jellies and liqueurs.

  • The Nougat of Corsica

    The Nougat of Corsica,

    nougat myrtle, nougat, hazelnut, nougat, chestnut, nougat clementine, nougat, fig.

  • Corsan wines
    The legendary fame of the Corsican vineyard begins well before the Greeks.
    As the vine grew in the wild, these small berries were already so sweet in the palate.
    Much later, this plant, put into cultivation and finally domesticated, will be considered one of the
    great conquests of mankind, for the source of a sacred drink.

    Thus Corsican wines owe their strong identity to a know-how, a legacy of a wine tradition that
    dates back to antiquity.

    Six centuries BC, the Greeks made alalia wine (Aleria) one of their favourite beverages.
    The Romans took over.

    In 35 BC, Virgil already evoked the qualities of the wine of Balagne, Ruby colour and pleasant
    to taste. During the centuries of invasions and unrest that followed the fall of the Roman Empire, the
    vine survived, awaiting the return of peace... and winegrowers.

    In the 11th century, becoming administrators of the island, the Pisans put Corsican wine in the ciboriums
    of their priests and the goblets of their notables.

    A century later, having replaced them, the Genoese did likewise.
    After 1769, French sovereignty did not end the wine-growing activity and its exports
    to Northern Italy, quite the contrary!

    After 1850, brake. The powdery mildew and Phyloxera raved the vineyard. These plunder were
    but overcome by determined men. And at the end of the century, there was even a recovery
    outside sales and the growth of major areas. However, from the early years
    of the twentieth century, a general collapse of wine prices halted this expansion.

    The great war finished the decline. She killed the men, the vines and the
    commercial links. There remained only islands of production on the margins of the market.
    Fifty years passed before Island viticulture became a real economic sector.
    Heiresses of these millennia roots, the A.O. C (appellation of origin controlled) of today
    were determined by the location and proportion of indigenous grape varieties, as well as by the
    the natural specificities of each vineyard terroir. These are all elements that compose today
    the identity of corsan wines and make their specificity.

    With a recognized know-how and knowing how to make the most of natural assets that the whole world
    desire, corsan winegrowers continue to develop a "quality" approach.
    They prefer the selection and improvement of local grape varieties, use new technologies
    (vinification, bottling, ageing) to enhance, always and again, their production.
    Thus, they obey the Winemaker's Millennial ethic: that is, men in search of the best,
    feeling invested with a history and know-how that they must preserve, value and convey.

    These are the keys to the success that Corsican wine now knows.

    Tip: alcohol abuse is dangerous to health. To consume in moderation.
  • The aperitifs and...


    Corsican aperitifs and liqueurs are a speciality of corses products.
    Alcohol abuse is dangerous to health. To consume in moderation.

    Will you take a little aperitif from the country?

    Before lunch or when the evening comes, we can start to take an aperitif, nothing will prevent us from refreshing ourselves by these summer heats! And it falls rather well, it turns out that in Corsica the aperitif is a moment of relaxation and conviviality very appreciated, often accompanied by charcuterie and cheese. And I'm sure! Whether you are Corsican, German, Italian, Dutch or English, who does not like to have a drink with friends or family? We will therefore find the different Cape Corsica and liqueurs of our island of beauty without delay.

    The Cap Corse L.N. Mattei, an emblematic aperitif!

    Elaborated in 1872 by Louis-Napoléon Mattei, the Cap Corse (white or red) is an aperitif aged in oak barrels based on Capicursu Muscat, macerated oranges, maquis plants and quinquina. This Corsican alcohol sold all over the world and found itself in all the bars, we found a lot of derivatives (ashtrays, card games, jug...). It was only 29 years later, in 1901, that Cap Corse Damiani made its appearance, elaborated by Simon Damiani. Very quickly, he launches the first pastis Corsican: pasties Dami, then a few years later, cédrat liqueurs, Myrtle liqueurs, chestnut liqueurs... Etc. All remarkably delicious.

    Our Corsican liqueurs from the Orsini domain

    Born from a handmade manufacture in Calenzana in Haute Corse, the Orsini liqueurs are derived from very old recipes, elaborated with several varieties of fruits and berries, their flavours are indisputable. The Domaine Orsini won 4 medals at the General agricultural competition Paris 2018.


    The corsic alcohols we have just quoted are available below.


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  • Corses condiments

    Our selection of corsan condiments

    An excellent condiment can transform the simplest dishes into a real feast. On the side of the Isle of beauty, corsese condiments are appreciated for the richness of their aromas, perfuming your dishes with the scents of the Maquis. We have carefully selected the corsian specialties that will showcase each of your preparations. Enjoy your meal!